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Tweet Review: '2.0', first day, first show

Tweet Review: '2.0', first day, first show

2.0 is not just any movie. It is touted to be the costliest Indian film ever. It is made on an unimaginable scale that deserves to be watched on the big screens.

Every film buff in India has been waiting to witness the grand vision of master filmmaker Shankar ever since 2.0 has been announced. 

The most awaited day is finally here. The Movie of the year is out now in theaters. It is here to thrill and give the ultimate cinematic experience to the Indian cinema lovers.

Years of planning, months of hardwork, tonnes of blood and sweat has gone in to making this dream like film. 

2.0 is set to take the Indian box office by storm. The film is already showing strong signs of creating havoc at the ticket windows.

Shankar has a superb record when it comes to meeting the gargantuan expectations. His association with Rajinikanth is always a success. Akshay Kumar adds additional boost as the most powerful villain. 

2.0 verdict will be out in a few hours. Keep watching this space to know whether the movie of the year is worth all the hype or not. 

Greatandhra brings to you the 2.0 experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

2.0 is sequel to Robo. Movie begins with funky title cards.

2.0 Begins with the opening scene on Akshay Kumar attempting suicide. His full face is not revealed. 

Introduction of Amy Jackson as Vennela, a new robot created by professor Vaseegara (Rajinikanth).

The scene of mobile phones flying out is here.

A lengthy sequence of how cellphones are flying out going on... interesting narration.

Another terrific scene of Vaseegara Rajinikanth trying to find the reason for this strange phenomenon.

Professor is assigned to find out the job of this phenomenon of mobile phones disappearing from the hands of people.

He tells government to reboot Chitti the robot.

Now Chitti the robot enters. He is back.

Fight between Chitti and Pakshi Raja is going on

Graphics are not up to mark here.

Akshay Kumar face revelead. Interval bang.

First Half Report: First half of the film is pretty good. Shankar has tried to tell the film in Hollywood fashion, no romantic track or songs. Not a single song in the film so far. The visual effects for the giant bird are top notch but in other places they are not great. Akshay Kumar's true identity and story is yet to be revealed.

Second half begins with the story of Akshay Kumar, a professor of ornithology. He proposes banning cell towers to save birds.

"Guvva" song in the background. Akshay Kumar as old professor.

End of Akshay Kumar's flashback. He dies and is reborn as Pakshi Raja to take revenge on people who are causing radiation.

Now story is back to present.

Another action scene with Pakshi Raja and Chiiti.

"Chacchi batakadamlo unna Maja be veru" At last Rajinikanth mark punch dialogue.

Chiiti comes in new avatar.

The movie is heading to final and lengthy battle between Chitti and Akshay. Stadium fight.

Thousands of Chiiti robots forming various shapes is good.

End of stadium fight.

Movie ends in predictable way.

Review follows



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