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Trivikram - The 2nd Richest Director In Tollywood

Trivikram - The 2nd Richest Director In Tollywood

Typically, when comparing films, Bahubali and RRR are often excluded from the conversation. Similarly, Rajamouli is considered in a league of his own, while other directors vie for the second position.

Rajamouli has achieved unprecedented success in creating blockbuster films and earning substantial profits.

Then who is in the second position? Sources say that he is Trivikram. When it comes to earnings, he surpasses all other directors except Rajamouli.

Even though Trivikram hasn't released a film since Ala Vaikunthapurramulo, which was almost three years ago, his income has not suffered. Sources in Tollywood reveal that he has earned a substantial amount through various means.

Trivikram has been involved in setting up Pawan Kalyan's films, providing suggestions, making script changes, and coordinating production schedules. His remuneration for these tasks is said to be equivalent to directing a blockbuster film.

He has also contributed to the success of other movies, such as Bheemla Nayak, where he wrote the script and even acted as a ghost writer in certain aspects.

Trivikram's influence can be seen in the movie Vakeel Saab as well. These films have significantly strengthened his financial position over the past three and a half years.

Additionally, Trivikram benefits from his association with Sitara's production company.

For every film produced by Sitara's company, his own banner accompanies it, ensuring a share of the profits regardless of the film's outcome.

With around ten films under Sitara's belt, Trivikram continues to receive a substantial portion of the earnings. There are even reports suggesting that he is preparing to set up one or two more films shortly.

Considering all these factors, Trivikram emerges as the highest-earning director in the film industry.


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