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Trivikram Paid In Full

Trivikram Paid In Full

After S/0 Satyamurthy which did reasonably well but was disappointing by Trivikram standards, he is now moving ahead at breakneck speed with his next project.

After a brief hiatus in which he had to choose between Naga Chaitanya or Nithiin as the hero, Nithiin has been finalized as the hero.

For a director who was earlier labeled as slow when it comes to filmmaking, this is amazing transformation on Trivikram’s part, especially with this movie. Why?

That’s because he has apparently been paid his remuneration in full by producer Radhakrishna which is anywhere between Rs 10 to Rs 12 crore.

Normally, directors are paid an advance and then the rest of the amount is settled in tune with the project’s completion. Some of them even pck up stakes in the project instead of monetary payments.

The last time somebody got paid in full was VV Vinayak who reportedly netted Rs 11 crore from Bellamkonda Suresh before anything else about the project was finalized. It is now Trivikram’s turn.



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