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Trivikram Compromises His Stance on the Channel

Trivikram Compromises His Stance on the Channel

Director Trivikram and news channel NTV share no good relations. The channel aired a highly derogatory programme against Trivikram in which it spoke about Trivikram in highly objectionable manner.

The channel’s malicious show irked the top director and he made sure that the channel would never get patronage from his producers.

The channel later offered apology and did a lot of backroom negotiations, but the director didn’t relent.

Trivikram had decided not to give his movie’s audio launch or any event rights to the channel and went with TV5 instead of TV9-NTV.

Though he has no problem with TV9, the leading channel somehow always airs movie events with NTV only due to a special personal bond between Ravi Prakash and NTV Chowdhary.

Due to this, Trivikram’s last three movies were aired by TV5 and he never gave an interview to NTV.

All that has changed now. NTV Chowdhary reportedly stepped in personally to clinch the deal for “Aravindha Sametha” pre-release event.

As Trivikram is going through a bad phase, he did compromise this time.



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