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Trade Talk: Line Clear For 'Skanda'

Trade Talk: Line Clear For 'Skanda'

All the movies released last week turned out to be disappointments. The last week's releases, "Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty," got another week of time to celebrate.

This Friday's lineup lacks any noteworthy films, paving the way for the upcoming release of "Skanda" in theaters in just 10 days.

Regarding last week's releases, "Mark Antony," featuring Vishal in the lead, graced the cinema halls. Despite moderate expectations, this movie failed to leave a positive impression. The comedy screenplay was perplexing, and at certain points, the storyline seemed to lose its direction. Consequently, "Mark Antony" couldn't make its mark at the box office.

Similarly, "Changure Bangura Raja," produced by Ravi Teja, shared a similar fate as it ended up as a half-baked crime drama. The audience's response was no different; it was rejected.

Even the films "Ramanna Youth" and "Sodari Sodarimanulara" also couldn't manage to make a significant impact.

"Sodara Sodarimanulara" was sluggish and tested the patience. Despite selecting an intriguing premise, the filmmakers struggled to craft an engaging screenplay.

"Ramanna Youth" is set against the backdrop of Telangana. Directed by Abhay, "Ramanna Youth" explored the realm of rural politics and revealed how politicians manipulate the youth.

While it did have its moments of brilliance here and there, it ultimately failed to create a positive buzz.

The filmmakers, who had high hopes for the movie's success in the Balagam style, were left disheartened.

With no major film releases slated for the upcoming Friday, it seems the stage is set for the arrival of "Skanda" in just 10 days.

By then, "Jawaan" will conclude its run, creating the perfect opportunity for Ram Pothineni to chase his Pan India dream.


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