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Trade Talk: Less Said Is Better

Trade Talk: Less Said Is Better

Given its roaring beginning, trade circles felt Bengal Tiger would break even effortlessly. But, the second week collections plummeted and now break even seems a remote possibility. Except Nizam, the other buyers did not get profits. Leave alone profits, they suffered losses.

Though the producers are claiming the film to be a roaring success, trade wise it is an average flick.

Loafer did have a decent opening, but the negative first day talk ensure that the film is not in safe zone. As expected, the collections came down after the weekend. Puri’s heroism took another beating.

With Telugu films turning duds, the week belonged to Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. Dilwale had great openings in Telugu states, while the viewers remained lukewarm towards Bajirao.

As for Thursday release Saukhyam, the less said is better. It got a bad talk on the first day itself and is limping.



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