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Total Rs 35 Cr Loss For Brahmotsavam

Total Rs 35 Cr Loss For Brahmotsavam

In almost all theaters, "Brahmotsavam" is coming to the termination of its screening. So, the distributors have sent an estimation of Rs 35 Cr loss to the producer PVP.

"Brahmotsavam" was sold to distributors to high prices as the demand was such. Since this is immediate film from Mahesh Babu after the record-breaking blockbuster "Srimanthudu" last year, many distributors in several areas bought it for record prices. PVP got good table profit with this movie.

But the movie ended up as a complete damp squib. So all the distributors have formed a club and sent a rough estimation of Rs 35 Cr loss. The heavy losers are distributors of Ceded, Overseas and Nizam territories.

Technically, PVP doesn't have to repay but he is agreeing to compensate some amount once Mahesh Babu lands in Hyderabad from his Europe trip. 

Mahesh Babu is currently holidaying with wife and kids in London. The matter will be resolved once he is back.



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