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Top 5: 'Hanu Man' Continues On Top Chair

Top 5: 'Hanu Man' Continues On Top Chair

1. Hanu Man: Under the direction of Prashanth Varma and starring Teja Sajja, the film has not only captivated the audience but has also emerged as the box office champion, accumulating substantial collections worldwide.

It is breaking new records in both the USA and India, surpassing even major films like Guntur Kaaram.

The film's domestic collections in India, across both Telugu and Hindi versions, have been remarkably impressive, consistently filling theaters in almost all centers. As of day-16, the film has grossed Rs 250 Cr at the global box office.

2. Guntur Kaaram: Excluding the initial day's collections, the film encountered an immediate hurdle with negative reviews swiftly spreading across social media and various audience circles, profoundly influencing its reception.

Collections witnessed a steep decline from the second day onwards, and the film neared the end of its theatrical run.

Despite a noteworthy performance in the Andhra region due to the festival season, the film proved to be unsuccessful in overseas and Naizam regions.

Overall, by the conclusion of Day 16, "Guntur Kaaram" accumulated an approximate total box office gross collection of Rs 200 Cr.

3. Naa Saami Ranga: Nagarjuna's movie, set in a village backdrop, seemed like the ideal festival treat based on the trailer.

The audience had high expectations, and the opening day drew significant attendance, especially from family viewers. However, the film has garnered a moderate to good response for its content.

Although the movie has managed to break even in nearly all centers in the Andhra region, it has regrettably faced a disastrous outcome overseas. The full run at the theatres is over. 

4. Captain Miller: This is the new film that hit the screens with its Telugu version last week. Starring Dhanush and Shiv Rajkumar in lead roles, this film didn't go well with the audience, though it garnered some initial traction with the openings.

The talk is not favorable for the film's run, and its full run seems to have concluded without even crossing the three-day mark. 

Despite receiving a lukewarm response in Tamil during its Pongal release, the film failed to generate even a small percentage of that buzz here in Telugu.

5. Fighter: This is the most anticipated film from Bollywood, released amidst huge hype and hoopla.

However, despite featuring a star-studded cast including Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor, and presenting an action-packed storyline set in the Indian Air Force with patriotic fervor, it failed to draw substantial openings, much to the surprise of many trade pundits.

The film did not perform well, and the critical reception is also not encouraging, resulting in the film struggling at the box office.


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