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Top 5: Decent First Weekend For Aravindha Sametha

Top 5: Decent First Weekend For Aravindha Sametha

1) Aravindha Sametha: Thanks to its sensational numbers on day 1, Aravindha Sametha had a decent first weekend on a whole in spite of considerable drop in collections on day 2 and day 3.

Producers and buyers are releasing hyped numbers to the media although it has done well on its own.

Lack of entertainment, crowd pleasing elements, good songs and repeat value will play a role in the coming days, opines trade analysts.

The film will need to really hold well until the next weekend to be a safe venture for its buyers. The real test for it will be the survival during week days.

2) Devadas: With Aravindha Sametha taking over the box office none of the other films in the market are getting noticeable shares.

Devadas is crawling to reach the average mark, which looks unlikely as of now.

3) NOTA: Vijay Deverakonda's NOTA is a disaster at box office. It couldn't post half-decent numbers after a terrific first day at box office.

It will go down as a forgettable film for the rising star.

4) Andhadhun: Bollywood thriller Andhadhun has been performing well across multiplexes. It is one of the most preferred films for multiplex audience over the weekend.

5) Bewarse: Rajendra Prasad's Bewarse that released on Friday has gone unnoticed amid Aravindha Sametha storm. 



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