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Top 5: Bellamkonda's Struggles Continue

Top 5: Bellamkonda's Struggles Continue

1) 2.0: Shankar-Rajinikanth's sci-fi entertainer has had a fairly decent second weekend at the box office. Thanks to the lacklustre new releases, 2.0 didn't face any problems in retaining its top spot at the box office.

The film has been doing pretty well in Nizam, but yet to go a long distance to be a safe venture in Andhra Pradesh.

It's a hit in Hindi and has become the highest grossing Tamil film at US box office.

2) Kavacham: Bellamkonda Srinivas's wait for success will continue as Kavacham fails to impress.

The film had some financial issues on its day 1, which impacted the opening day numbers. It fell further due to poor reviews and word of mouth.

Over dependence on mass masala elements has been the problem for Bellamkonda's streak of failures.

3) Subrahmanyapuram: The film managed to get attention with interesting promos, but the film turned out to be a mere 'clone' of Karthikeya with below par production values and content. No wonder it has been struggling from day 2 at the box office.

4) Taxiwala: Taxiwala had a reasonable weekend as the new films didn't click. The film is still minting money in A centers.

5) Next Enti: Despite an attractive star cast, Next Enti couldn't even take off at the ticket windows. It started on a very dull note and continued to stay low all through the weekend.

It is an outright disaster at the box office.



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