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Too Much Spoof Is Too Bad For Telugu Films

Too Much Spoof Is Too Bad For Telugu Films

Bringing in a mention of the Power Star somewhere in the film either through the dialogues or through some spoof has become common for most Tollywood producers.

The idea is to draw the Pawan fans to the theaters. These days, spoofs on Pawan have become a norm.

In the last week, there were two movies - Loafer and Bengal Tiger. In both films there is a spoof on Pawan. What is interesting is both used the same song "looking in the face" from Pawan starrer Tammudu.

In Bengal Tiger, the song is spoofed on Posani, while in Loafer, it is on comedian Ali. In Loafer, Ali even does also those acrobats and Karate feats that Pawan does in Tammudu.

A word of caution for Tollywood directors. Spoofing brings laughs. But, overdoing spoofs could turn counter productive.



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