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Three Reasons Behind PK's North South Topic

Three Reasons Behind PK's North South Topic

Pawan Kalyan has been raking up North-South divide in his tweets to attack Central BJP leadership.

He further went ahead and pointed fault in the decision of AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu regarding the appointment of AK Singhal as EO of TTD. He raised the same North - South issue here too.

In social media, various reasons for Pawan's fascination towards this North - South divide are being floated but three reasons are funny. Here are they...

1. Problem with North Indian wife
He married his long-time lover and actress Renu Desai in 2009 but eventually divorced her due to incompatible issues.

Many are wondering whether his anger against North India/Indians stem from his sour relationship with Renu Desai who happens to be North Indian.

2. Sardaar's Failure In North India
Pawan Kalyan thought of cracking Hindi-belt market with 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh'. He gave exclusive interviews to Bollywood journalists before the release. His producers released the movie in massive manner in North India. But the movie bombed miserably in Hindi too.

There were no takers for 'Katamarayudu' in North India. Where as, Prabhas is now showing his strength in Hindi belt. Probably this could be another reason why he is frustrated with North Indians.

3. Modi's ill treatment!
Before 2014 general elections, Pawan Kalyan was Narendra Modi's favourite friend. He played key role in NDA's win in Andhra Pradesh. But post-polls, Pawan's relations with PM Modi went downwards.

Pawan must have disappointed with Modi's ill treatment towards him and has started raising his anger against North Indians. This is one comment that is doing rounds in social media.



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