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This Man Is A Disgrace To The Sport

This Man Is A Disgrace To The Sport

N Srinivasan, owner of 'Chennai Super Kings' and former BCCI President is mired in a number of controversies, with his son-in-law accused of match-fixing and Srinivasan himself facing a case of 'conflict of interest' in the Supreme Court.

When his son-in-law was arrested, Srinivasan refused to quit his post as BCCI President forcing the Supreme Court to remark that, “We find it nauseating that you refuse to step down from your ‘post’ despite various ‘courts’ censuring you.”

While all these things may be better left to the ‘Courts’, what is unacceptable is Srinivasan playing the regional card when the going got tough.

“There is heavy lobbying going on to oust me as BCCI President because I am a Tamilian,” said Srinivasan.

That is enough indication to prove that he is a disgrace to the sport.

Indian cricket has always risen above considerations of any kind and it needs similar people at the helm and not opportunists and tainted people like Srinivasan.



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