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This Heroine Is Hard To Bend

This Heroine Is Hard To Bend

Thanks to the dubbed serial, Chinnari Pellikuturu, Avika Gor is very popular with the Telugu audiences.

In fact, it is this popularity that helped her become a heroine in Tollywood. Though Bollywood has hardly bothered about Avika, Tollywood has been pampering her big time. 

There is general feeling that if there is Avika, there will be good openings and that she will draw female audiences.

But since she has realized her craze in Tollywood, Avika has ended up acting head strong.

Apparently, she is insisting that everything happens as per her terms and conditions. She is said to do interviews and promotional activities depending on her mood and is said to refuse them if she is feeling otherwise.

It is now being said that it is pretty tough to handle Avika as the industry is not used to top heroines throwing such tantrums.

Well, she seems to be pretty happy playing lead roles in Hindi television serials. So she seems to be least bothered about being all nice to Telugu producers who are chasing her to cash in on her popularity.

We hope they soon come to a truce.



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