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There's Lots Of Pressure On Me: Chandoo Mondeti

There's Lots Of Pressure On Me: Chandoo Mondeti

Director Chandoo Mondeti is an introvert speaks less, whereas his films talk more. At Savyasachi pre-release he said to speak at the film’s 100 days function. Apparently, his intentions were to escape from speaking there.

After making banging debut with Karthikeya, Chandoo delivered another hit with Premam. He has teamed up with Naga Chaitanya for the second time for Savyasachi.

However, the only difference that he found working with Chaitu for the second time was, he felt more comfortable this time because of their companionship during making of Premam.

Chandoo Mondeti had a concept in his mind and he thought blending of Vanishing Twin Syndrome to it will beautify the script. Chay and producers were contended with his idea, so Savyasachi happened.

There is some pressure now on the director whether the success streak of Mythri Movie Makers that delivered three back to back blockbusters will be continued with Savyasachi.

“More than a cinema, it was a great experience working with them,” he said about his producers.

Chandoo says he learnt many things in his association with music director MM Keeravani. It was actually his thought of including remix version of Ninnu Road Meedha song. And the reason of including it was to provide some entertainment in second half which runs on serious note.

Madhavan is very choosy and how could he accepted the film?

“I strongly felt that, he accepted since he liked the concept. He gave weight to the character I penned with lots of affection.”

The film boasts of ensemble cast, but Nidhi Agerwal was the only newcomer. Chandoo clarifies saying they roped in Nidhi to bring fresh feel.

Chandoo will next be working with a top production house and he already has four line stories for his future ventures.



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