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The Jandhyala Of Modern Tollywood

The Jandhyala Of Modern Tollywood

Jo Atchyuthananda has been confirmed as a hit and accolades are pouring in for the movie! Naturally, director Srinivas Avasarala deserves the lion's share of the credit. This is his second film for Varaahi that has also clicked with the audiences.

But the most important reason why Srinivas deserves a pat on the back is for this reason: He has proved that it is possible to make clean family entertainers and yet be successful in Tollywood.

Filmmakers like Maruti had given rise to the perception that it is only vulgar films which can create an impact for newcomers.

Even the talented Praveen Sattaru had fallen into this trap when desperate for a hit; he changed gears and made the raunchy ‘Guntur Talkies’.

The overseas market for Tollywood has expanded beyond imagination and family audiences dominate there unlike back home. Therefore, the overseas market has emerged as a savior for small filmmakers who generally cater to the rom-com genre. And Avasarala has emerged as a breath of fresh air to the industry.

With his brand of fun-filled and sensible cinema, he could easily turn out to be the Jandhyala of today.



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