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That's What 'Fidaa' Is...

That's What 'Fidaa' Is...

Of late, it has become common for a film's unit to claim that their teaser has got million views or that a trailer got 5 million views.

While such figures make no difference whatsoever to the producers of the film, it surely inflates the ego of the hero and his fans. And for such figures, lakhs of rupees are splurged behind stage.

However, without spending a rupee, if a song gets 1 million views following 50 days of its release, then it surely is a commendable feat. This proves the real drawing power of the song and also that the audiences were indeed 'fidaa' for the song.

After 'Fidaa's' release, Sai Pallavi became an overnight sensation. The audiences went crazy for her after watching the film. So, when the song 'Hey pillagada' was released on the Net, it got 1 million views within 24 hours.

Earlier, when 'Mella mellaga' song was released on Net, it got 8 lakh views within an hour.

Fidaa was made with Rs 16 crore, but it made Rs 20 crore in Nizam alone. World-wide, it made an impressive Rs 50 crore.



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