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Telugu Actress' US Sex Racket: Major Jolt In AP

Telugu Actress' US Sex Racket: Major Jolt In AP

Till now, the episode of Telugu actresses being involved in sex racket and a couple being involved in it has been making headlines. Then, came the news that TANA members were also being questioned by the American authorities over the issue.

Well, the breaking news here as per reliable sources is that a person very close to AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh and the president of Telugu Association Of North America (TANA) Vemana Satish has been questioned on the same issue at least four to five times by the US police officials. In fact, Vemana Satish also plays an active role in the politics of TDP.

Apart from flying over a few heroines and with his name popping up in some activities held there, the police is said to have inquired into his activities. Talk from the US is that he has presented himself before the FBI at least five times already.

Though initially it looked like it was a racket run by a couple, now, the case is getting bigger as names of quite a few TANA members are likely to come up.

So, many such members are said to have switched off their mobile phones for fear of being questioned.

And in a local twist, a minister's name holding a key portfolio in the cabinet of Chandra Babu Naidu is said to be on the names listed in the diary.

Also, the name of an MP, who is rather close to Chandra Babu is also listed in the diary. Since quite a few names of politicians are now on the list, TANA members are running scared, lest the names from the diary get spilled.

On the other hand, NATS are insisting that they have nothing to do with the entire incident.

As there are names of many politicians in the list, their names are likely to emerge soon. So far, from the police inquiry, it has emerged that the couple has made $6 million through the racket, which equals to around Rs 40 crores.

Soon names of many Telugu biggies and media heads are bound to come out, say US sources.



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