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Telugu Actors Kept The Pride Up

Telugu Actors Kept The Pride Up

Telugu Warriors team won against Bhojpuri Dabangg team at last with the batting power of actor Nanda Kishore.

Though Tarun couldn't perform well in last over, the two fours scores by Nanda Kishore brought victory to Telugu Warriors. 

It is proven that Bhojpuri team practiced very well and they become hard nuts to defeat. Had Nanda Kishore failed to score in last over, the pride of Telugu team would have eaten the mud. 

Akkineni Akhil who got trained professionally could make just one run. Raghu played well while Adarsh could make only 3 runs.

No one knows who the new player Raj Kumar is, but he is unable to hold the bat properly.

If Telugu Warriors don't practice well, they have to return back with blank faces. Today's match is the final warning bell.



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