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Teaser: Niharika Konidela Shines As Suryakantham

Teaser: Niharika Konidela Shines As Suryakantham

Niharika Konidela couldn't find success as film actor despite multiple attempts.

She teamed up with her web series director Pranith Bramandapally for Suryakantham in which she plays a bubbly and hot headed girl with devil-may-care attitude.

Varun Tej is presenting the film produced by Nirvana Cinemas. The teaser has funny scenes establishing the fun character of Suryakantham.

Rahul Vijay and Suhasini played other important roles, but the teaser is all about Niharika as Suryakantham.

She seems to be in the zone and enjoyed playing the lead in Suryakantham.

Niharika is known for playing such lively characters in her stint as a short film actress, but somehow didn't get to play such characters on big screen.

Looks like she finally got something to leave a mark as the female lead on big screen. 



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