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Teaser: A Middle-Aged Nag's Love (Making) Story!

Teaser: A Middle-Aged Nag's Love (Making) Story!

"I don't fall in love. I only make love!" says Nagarjuna in Manmadhudu 2 teaser. It is bold, stylish and also super fun.

Looks like this is Tollywood version of '40 Year Old Virgin' and we see almost every character in the teaser taking a dig at Nagarjuna's age and virginity.

Rahul Ravindran seems to be presenting Nagarjuna as true Manmadhudu this time.

In 2002's Manmadhudu he was seen as a man who hates women and in this 'He Loves Women'.

Telugu cinema is getting bolder with themes revolving around sex and Manmadhudu 2 pushes the envelope further for mainstream Telugu Cinema.

Apparently Nagarjuna plays a middle aged virgin man gone rogue going by the information provided in the teaser.

This is sensational and will surely raise the expectations on the upcoming film. It is a daring attempt from Nagarjuna at this age.

Also Rahul Ravindran should be lauded for taking up such a theme that is not easy to deal with given the conservative ideologies of most of the Telugus.

We can't wait for the trailer of Manmadhudu 2 to get a deeper look into this bold and fun film.



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