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Taxiwala Trailer: Vijay Deverakonda Drives A Horror Car!

Taxiwala Trailer: Vijay Deverakonda Drives A Horror Car!

Vijay Deverakonda comes up with a supernatural comedy this time after showcasing his skills as an angry young politician in NOTA.

Taxiwala that has been delayed for a very longtime is finally hitting the theaters on this Saturday.

The theatrical trailer of Taxiwala doesn’t try to hide the concept and makes it very clear that the film is about a possessed vintage car.

A possessed car owned by a simpleton Vijay Deverakonda starts exacting revenge on some random people that the latter has no clue about.

The concept is pretty similar to that of Nayanthara’s film Dora that also revolves around a possessed vintage car.

While Dora was a serious drama, Taxiwala has been dealt with light humor. Mixing of the genres horror and comedy has proved successful many a time, but it has become run-of-the-mill lately.

Can Vijay’s stardom make a difference and help Taxiwala click?

A couple of songs from Taxiwala are already topping the charts and Vijay’s aggressive and innovative promotions are grabbing eyeballs. The film is directed by Rahul Sankrityan and produced by SKN who is backed up by GA2 Pictures and UV Creations. Priyanka Jawalkar is the female lead in it. 



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