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Tamil Hero's Political Dreams Get Disturbed

Tamil Hero's Political Dreams Get Disturbed

Vijay who is among the top stars in Tamil has had two set-backs within days. For starters, his film Puli has got bad reviews and only average reviews in Tamil.

So, after all the money spent and all the visual effects, the film is more or less a disaster. Given that he is a top star, his film's debacle is rather shameful for him.

And to add salt to his injury, the IT department had raided his house just a day prior to the release. So both these developments will surely impact his goal of getting into politics.

Well, like many top south Indian heroes, Vijay wants to debut in politics and he has also made a few attempts at being active with AIADMK. On the other hand, his father is active in politics on his behalf.

So the IT raids will turn into a problem in future as the opposition can take up the point and target him for that. It will surely take him some effort to make sure his fans and Tamil people forget this.



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