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Talk Of The Town: Is this a lip job gone wrong?

Talk Of The Town: Is this a lip job gone wrong?

Getting a lip job to highlight your facial features is a very common thing these days, but sometimes what is meant to be a facial enhancement turns into a nightmare.

Looks like somebody from the B-town has fallen prey to a surgical catastrophe.

Sridevi was recently spotted at an event in Mumbai and something about the actress looked strikingly different.

If rumors are to be believed, the actress has had an alleged lip job which went horribly wrong.

The actress has had some facial fixations in the past and was even accused of going under the knife to get a nose job.

Nothing remains hidden these days because of the social media, especially if it is related to a Bollywood celebrity.

Any news about a B-town celeb goes viral within seconds and the latest victim to face its burden is Sridevi.

Her apparent lip job has become a huge topic of discussion on the social media.



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