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Taapsee Responds To 'KRR-Coconut' Controversy

Taapsee Responds To 'KRR-Coconut' Controversy

Taapsee received a lot of flak for taking a dig at legendary filmmaker K. Raghavendra Rao’s style of canning songs.

He was the one who launched Taapsee in film industry with Jhummandi Nadam.

Taapsee while participating in a talk show with a comedy group called East India Company made fun about one of her songs from her debut film.

Coconuts were thrown at Taapsee’s midriff in the song and Taapsee along with the comedians laughed at the awkwardness of it.

“What is so sensuous about throwing coconuts at a woman’s midriff?” Taapsee said. This statement of Taapsee irked many as they called her ‘backstabber’, ‘ungrateful’ and a ‘hypocrite’.

Taapsee didn’t respond to them but cleared the air in her interview with Hindustan Times.

“I was not disrespectful to anybody. I didn’t say anything derogatory or disrespectful to anyone. I was actually making fun of myself,” she said.

She also added that K. Raghavendra had watched the video and is unperturbed about it.

“The only person I was concerned about was my director and his family, and I got a good response from them. They told me that they all sat together and saw the video, and laughed at it, and I guess that’s all that matters,” Taapsee says.



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