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T Govt Grants Land for N Shankar's Film Studio

T Govt Grants Land for N Shankar's Film Studio

After the formation of Telangana state, KCR’s government has been maintain good relations with Telugu Film industry which is largely dominated by the exceptional talent from Andhra region.

Even the basic infrastructure like film studios in Hyderabad are owned and developed by Andhra producers.

For the first time, a studio will be setup by a Telangana filmmaker independently.

KCR’s government has granted land to N Shankar to setup film studio at Shankarapally near IBS Hyderabad. He was granted 5 acres of land at the cost of mere Rs 5 Lakh per acre.

Although Saradhi Studios and Bhagyanagar Studios which were established some 50 years ago also belong to producers of Telangana region, they were established with the partnership of producers from Andhra region.

Now N Shankar will be credited as the first solo Telangana studio owner.

N Shankar also participated in separate state agitation and had also made a movie for Telangana named “Jai Bolo Telangana”.

It took nearly five years for KCR government to provide him land. 



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