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Syndicate Works Well For Baahubali

Syndicate Works Well For Baahubali

It is now known that eight producers formed an informal group and decided that they will stop advertising to all other channels, barring a few chosen by them. And all this was done without the interference of the Producers Council.

Well, this decision has worked totally in favour of Baahubali. Though the syndicate favours NTV and TV9, it does not include TV5. And the interesting development is that TV5 has secured the rights for the audio release function taking it up as a prestigious issue.

Apparently, they bought the rights for Rs 1.5 crores and they will have solo rights on the programme. And this means that it also includes the general entertainment channel rights, which in turn means that it can sell the rights to Zee, Gemini or any interested channel. However, if TV5 wants all TRPs for itself, then it can air the show all by itself.

As for Baahubali, the film has been breaking records since the time the movie was launched and now it has set a record of sorts in terms of audio function.

Meanwhile, they have also successfully triggered competition between various channels and proved that their decision will work in favour of producers.

While that is definitely applicable for the syndicate and big producers, what about the small films? When it comes to them, the producers have to pay the channels to grant them some air space.



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