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Surekha Vani's 100 Kisses To Pawan Kalyan

Surekha Vani's 100 Kisses To Pawan Kalyan

Surekha Vani, the beautiful character artiste on Telugu screen, who celebrated her 40th birthday recently, has been in news for her personal reasons these days. 

Recently in an interview she said that she would love to give 100 kisses to Pawn Kalyan. 

When she was asked if she is given a chance to give 100 kisses at a time, to whom she gives, she answered without taking time that he is going to be Pawan Kalyan. 

Surekha Vani's husband passed away last year. She said that she came out from in-laws for not being able to withstand their harassment. 

She said that her favorite hero is Chiranjeevi and she gets tears looking at him, but the kisses are only for Pawan Kalyan. 

Surekha's daughter Supreeta is also catching the attention of netizens and she may appear on screen down the line if she decides.

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