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Sulking Distributors Show No Interest on Part 2

Sulking Distributors Show No Interest on Part 2

Trade is not showing any interest in the second part of 'NTR Mahanyakudu'. Buyers have lost more than 75 percent on their investment on the first part 'NTR Kathanayakudu'.

Had Balakrishna returned some money to the distributors for the losses incurred, the trade would have showed some interest. Now entire trade is sulking with Nandamuri Balakrishna.

“First part ki ento kontha tirigiste chalu, second part maku vaddu” one distributor commented when we asked him about whether he would distribute the second part as well. This echoes the sentiment of all the distributors who have lost money on this project.

Whenever a big movie bombs, hero and producer come forward to refund some money to the distributors to minimize the losses. This is the norm in Tollywood. But Balakrishna is not showing any such signs. 

“Ento inta dabbu picchi,” the same distributor commented against Balakrishna. This distributor who also belongs to Balakrishna and director Krish’s community lost crores of money as he bought the movie as it is biopic about NT Rama Rao, their community’s great icon.

He expected that the film would bring all NTR fans, his community people and TDP party karyakarthas to the movie theaters. Not even Balakrishna's fans cared to watch it.

Balakrishna is bringing bad name to his great father, another distributor opined.

Given this scenario, the trade is not at all showing excitement towards the second part. The film also has zero publicity.

Even though Balakrishna is planning to hold pre-release event in Anatapur later this week, it is unlikely to create any hype.



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