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Sudheer Babu Sells it off for Paltry Amount!

Sudheer Babu Sells it off for Paltry Amount!

Sudheer Babu’s maiden production “Nannu Dochukunduvate” has provided him nothing but losses.

Although the film got fairly decent reviews but it has failed to strike a chord with the audiences. It was a flop in theaters.

He hoped to recover the investment from satellite and digital rights but Sudheer Babu got to see disappointment.

He refused to give away the satellite and digital rights for Rs 2 Cr before the release. He hoped that the movie would fetch great amount if it becomes a blockbuster.

Post release of the movie things have turned worse for him. Losing hopes to get better price, he finally sold off the movie for paltry Rs one crore, reports say.

“Nannu Dochukunduvate” is produced by his banner and it introduced Kannada actress Nabha Natesh.



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