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Such Comments Could Have Been Avoided

Such Comments Could Have Been Avoided

The MAA elections story had a good beginning, an excellent interval bang and an engrossing climax which saw Rajendra Prasad emerge winner.

Immediately after winning, Rajendra Prasad said that he had the backing of the mega family and hence need not fear anybody or succumb to any sort of pressures.

Now, it is common knowledge that there has been an eternal struggle for authority over Tollywood between two families and since they belong to different castes, audiences and technicians and actors are also split accordingly and even fans are patronizing the movies of their favorite stars on caste basis.

But having once won as President, Rajendra Prasad should have realized that he had to serve the interests of everyone, not just those who voted for him. Hence, his statements of being backed by one camp could have best been avoided.

He is now the head for all members of MAA, not just those who voted for him.



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