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Studio Buzz: Ten Enough For Tarun!

Studio Buzz: Ten Enough For Tarun!

Hero of the nineties Tarun is almost retired now, with hardly any films worth mentioning to his credit.

Against this backdrop, Natti Kumar did a film Yuddham with him which was wrapped up after delay and Natti Kumar is regularly complaining to the media that he is not getting theaters for the release of his film, that ‘those four’ people in the industry are the theater mafia who are preventing filmmakers like him for having adequate number of screens and killing the industry.

But it is equally important to look at Tarun’s market value as well. In all fairness he is not a Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Babu to have assured openings or get advance bookings from theaters for more than 300 screens.

It is understandable if many exhibitors do not come forward to screen the movie of a hero who currently has no market value.

Some insiders joke that, “Ten theaters across the State are more than sufficient for Tarun. People are not putting aside their work and eagerly awaiting his movie’s release.”



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