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Star Comedian Becomes Socially Responsible

Star Comedian Becomes Socially Responsible

No matter how much money one makes, one has to suffice with six feet land at the end. Of course, we are not teaching philosophy here. But once a person reaches certain heights, their social awareness increases and they crave to give back to the society that made them big in the first place. Star comedian Brahmanandam is following the same principle presently.

After slogging away for years, this Telugu pundit decided to be a part of the International Mother Language Day. What surprised many is the fact that he had voluntarily participated in the programme and spoke of the beauty of Telugu language and how Telugu people must live in harmony for the progress and development of future generations.

Though he was too busy in the past, of late, he has started attending private functions apart from film functions and he has also started sharing various memories and issues with his audiences.

Talk in the film industry is that he is now a relaxed man. Some time back, he did harbour political ambitions, say industry insiders. However, since he was not given the ticket to the constituency of his choice, he withdrew.

It looks like he will work among people for some time and then try to get back into politics at a latter date. Though his social service cannot be linked to politics, many feel that he will do well in politics too if he ever enters the scene.



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