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Srinivas Reddy Behind Premam's Entertainment!

Srinivas Reddy Behind Premam's Entertainment!

'Premam' is now heading towards a big hit. This Dussera season entirely belongs to this movie as the film is drawing huge crowds to the theatres.

Those who watched the original Malayalam film felt that Telugu version lacked emotional quotient, but the general feedback is that the Telugu version is told very entertainingly which was the main reason for striking a chord with our audiences.

While the main structure of the original movie was not changed, director Chandoo Mondeti told it with good comedy.

In the second half, the entertaining scenes have helped the movie a lot as the narration turned a bit sluggish. But the credit for this should go to comedian Srinivas Reddy, say sources.

It was Srinivas Reddy who wrote some scenes for the Telugu version and helped the director, the sources added.

Many people were under impression that Trivikram might have changed the script to make it more entertainingly but the real guy who made few changes to the original Malayalam version is comedian Srinivas Reddy. He also played a character apart from penning the scenes.



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