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Sri Leaks: No One Can Escape!

Sri Leaks: No One Can Escape!

Small-time actress Sri Reddy wanted some attention and gave an interview to a web channel two months ago.

As she revealed some startling facts about the casting couch menace, a news channel picked up the story and ran a special interview.

Sensing that Sri Reddy is yielding great ratings, the channel ran a series of interviews and today Sri Reddy’s protest have become a national topic and many more women artistes have come out and have started accusing various celebrities of sexual exploitation.

Even a critic who has been slamming celebrities on the same channel on the casting couch issue has now landed in major trouble when an artiste named Sunitha revealed that he tried to molest her.

Producer Vakada Apparao, director Siva Koratala, writer Kona Venkat and other names also popped up in the process.

After Pawan Kalyan suggested Sri Reddy to take legal recourse than sitting in TV studios, these actresses have started attacking him. Some even alleged that Pawan Kalyan takes body massages from Bengali girls.

No channel is following basic journalism rules. They are allowing anyone to throw mud on the celebrities without substantial proofs.

While this actress spoke about Pawan Kalyan’s body massage activity, another channel telecast an interview promo of Poonam suggesting that she would reveal many dark secrets of Pawan Kalyan.

The interview as expected turned out to be a damp squib. It was nothing but a general interview.

Poonam didn’t speak anything against or malicious about Pawan Kalyan, but the channel ran the promo in a damaging manner.

Some political pundits say some are trying to take advantage of Sri Leaks and throwing mud on their detractors.

The channels will continue to run these for some more days as they are getting TRPs and YouTube views.

The channels don’t care whether it is Sri Reddy or some other, as long as views on YouTube and ratings come in.



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