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Should Dil Raju Stop Playing Safe?

Should Dil Raju Stop Playing Safe?

One topic that has been a point of discussion in film industry is about Dil Raju's reluctance to let go of formula films.

Last year, he had a bumper crop of hits. But his biggest hit of the year was Fidaa, which won the hearts of audiences thanks to the way its director approached the subject.

Despite this, Dil Raju seems to be stuck to his love for formula. Also, his safe game did not yield him any returns.

Srinivasa Kalyanam and Lovers have been disasters at the box-office. So, industry insiders feel that he could well take a few risks instead of repeating himself.

It is known that repeat formulaic films do assure minimum guarantee, but do not rake in big moolah. A new film however, brings fame and money, if it clicks with the audiences.

However, Dil Raju is no novice to the industry. He was the man who made films like Arya and Bommarillu during his early days. But of late, he has decided to play safe and not risk his money.

Though many feel that the spate of disasters will help him realise his folly sooner or later.

If Dil Raju gets back into form, then the industry can expect at least two to three good films in a year.



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