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Shocking Price For 'Bhola Shankar' Naizam Rights?

Shocking Price For 'Bhola Shankar' Naizam Rights?

"Bhola Shankar" is a movie produced by Anil Sunkara in collaboration with Megastar and Mehar Ramesh. It is a remake of the Tamil film "Vedhalam."

Buyers seem to be surprised when they hear the price of this movie, as they are quoting a figure of 32 crore rupees as a non-refundable advance for the Nizam area.

This rate seems to be based on the calculations of 'Waltair Veerayya,' which had impressive collections due to the festival season.

Insiders claim that 'Waltair Veerayya' secured a collection of Rs 26 Cr in the Nizam area. However, the released information states that it was Rs 32 Cr, including GST.

Regardless of the numbers, it appears that a non-refundable advance of 32 crores is now being demanded for the Nizam area for the movie "Bhola Shankar."

Buyers are shocked and cautiously evaluating the situation. Currently, there isn't much buzz surrounding the Megastar-Mehar Ramesh combination.

However, the scenario may change if promotional content is released, as it could attract potential investors. Currently, negotiations are ongoing in the range of twenty crores.


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