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Shocking Pics: Mega Fans Abandon Allu Arjun!

Shocking Pics: Mega Fans Abandon Allu Arjun!

The rift between mega heroes is getting bigger by the day. Allu Arjun's 'Cheppanu Brother' remarks have triggered internal fan wars between mega fans.

Pawan Kalyan’s fans started to disown Allu Arjun and have been targeting him on the social media ever since.

Hyped up collections of DJ - Duvvada Jagannadham didn’t go down well with a section of mega fans including Ram Charan’s supporters.

Allu Arjun being projected as the next number one from Megastar’s family has hurt majority of the mega fans. They are so hurt that they didn’t even bother to go and see Allu Arjun when he visited Vizag recently.

These are a few pictures that are making rounds on the social media where Allu Arjun garlanded his grandfather Allu Rama Lingaih’s statue in Vizag.

Shockingly, there was nobody around him even though it is one of the crowded places of the city. Usually there would be a lot of fanfare when a star visits any public place.

But mega fans have reportedly stayed away from going to the event after looking at the recent antics of him.

Fans who wanted to see Allu Arjun went to the Novotel where he attended the triple platinum disc function of the film Jayadev. Hence, Allu Arjun was accompanied by only a few organizers to the garlanding event.

It is not good for someone as talented as Allu Arjun to earn the enmity of a section of audience as it would affect his growth as a star. His admirers hope that he would rectify his mistakes and win back the love of mega fans.   



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