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'She Didn't Lose Because Of Me'

'She Didn't Lose Because Of Me'

In elections of any kind, some lose and some win. So was the case with MAA elections. It is known that Rajendra Prasad’s panel won the elections and in what can be said to be collateral damage, character artiste Hema is being targeted for Jayasudha losing the elections.

Ever since she contested in general elections, Hema has been quite vocal about her thoughts and she has never minced words.

So prior to MAA elections, she was all over media and television making statements about her opposition panel. Now that the election are over and since Jayasudha has lost, it is being said that Hema’s loud mouth made her lose the election.

Well, Hema is not one to be bogged down by pressure. Still she maintains that Jayasudha did not lose because of her comments.

She also insists that it is not the appropriate time for her to respond as anything she says now will be misinterpreted. So, Hema says she will respond at a right time.

Jayasudha apart, elections don’t seem to be Hema’s cup of tea. She had lost during general election and now in MAA elections.



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