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Settlement of Dues for Devadas Begin

Settlement of Dues for Devadas Begin

Ashwini Dutt produced Nani and Nagarjuna starrer "Devadas" is creating hurdles for the release of Mahesh Babu's "Maharshi" which is scheduled for May 9.

Some distributors have lodged complaints against Ashwini Dutt in film chamber and have issued red card against "Maharshi".

Sensing the danger bells, now Ashwini Dutt is trying to sort out the issue.

The senior producer took heavy advances from the distributors of last year's "Devadas". He reportedly had taken more money than the market value of Nani from the distributors of each area.

However, the film turned out to be just an average grosser. Ashwini Dutt didn't return the money to the distributors.

He has to repay them with interest. As he came to know that if he doesn't repay immediately, "Maharshi" might not see release in Andhra and Telangana.

So, Ashwini Dutt and his daughter Swapna have asked the distributors to come to their office in Hyderabad to settle the matter. How he resolves the issue has to be seen.



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