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Senior Tamil Star Having Great Time in Tollywood

Senior Tamil Star Having Great Time in Tollywood

Not many Telugu people know that Tamil actor Sathyaraj was once a leading star in Kollywood and enjoyed stardom as much as Karthik or Mohan did in the 80’s.

At 60, the actor has turned to character artiste roles and is enjoying a great popularity in Tollywood.

With Gopichand’s Sankham he made grand entry into Tollywood. He played the role of Gopichand’s father but the movie bombed at B.O.

It was the super success of Prabhas’s ‘Mirchi’ in 2013 that Sathyaraj started winning the heart of common Telugu audiences.

The role of Kattappa in Baahubali has catapulted him to another league. Today he is enjoying great popularity among Telugu audiences.

At present, Sathyaraj is playing important roles in at least four big films in Tollywood. He is mostly doing the father characters to our big heroes.



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