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Senior Priyanka Envious of Sexy Patani

Senior Priyanka Envious of Sexy Patani

Here's one girl who won’t be missing Priyanka Chopra in Salman Khan’s upcoming film. Disha Patani, who is also cast in ‘Bharat’ in a significant role, has already begun prepping for the Ali Abbas Zafar-directed film.

Just a couple of days before Chopra walked out of the film at the nth hour – she is rumoured to have cited her engagement to American singer Nick Jonas as an excuse -- talk of competitiveness between the two actors was already doing the rounds.

One on hand we heard that Chopra wasn’t too happy that Patani was made to wear minis and would look younger, and on the other, reports emerged about the senior heroine refusing to share publicity posters with Patani.

But now we hear the director is rather impressed with Patani’s work and is planning to rewrite her character and give her a meatier role.

So, all is well that’s ends well, for Patani at least.



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