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Senior Actors Jealous Of The Rising Star

Senior Actors Jealous Of The Rising Star

Actor Prudhvi entered film industry in the nineties but only recognition with Khadgam in which he played the role of a superstar who boasts of 'thirty years experience' in the industry. In spite of becoming popular as ‘thirty years industry’, Prudhvi didn’t get busy as an actor.

All he got was cameos and single scene appearances until Loukyam happened. He played the role of ‘Boiling star Babloo’ in Loukyam that made him immensely popular.

Prudhvi is getting some meaty roles of late and is impressing with each and every film. He was pretty impressive as ‘Percentage Parankusam’ in the recently released Sankarabharanam. He almost saved the film with his comedy as a corrupt cop.

Prudhvi’s sensational act as ‘Future Star Siddhappa’ in Bengal Tiger is having audience in splits. The rise of a comedian will definitely annoy the established comedians that will have tough time to find good roles.

Senior comedians are not happy to see Prudhvi hogging the limelight while their stardom is dwindling with each outing. ‘Yera nee gurinchi net lo rayinchukuntunnav anta? (Heard you are asking web media to write articles about you?)’  alleged a senior comedian said Prudhvi. This clearly shows that few seniors are not happy to see him shine.



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