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Satakarni: Defying convention

Satakarni: Defying convention

Whether Gautamiputra Satakarni would rewrite box-office history or not, it has definitely defied convention in other aspects prior to release. 

Usually, it is the producers of a film who should apply for tax-exemption for a project according to protocol. Besides, the tax-exemption is given only after the movie release based on public response and critics opinion. 

Anyway, is Satakarni a free project? Did any of the actors working for this movie forego their remunerations or work for a discount? No! 

It is a table-profit movie! The producers have made a profit by selling the movie. When everyone is profiting from the movie, why should the government lose out in terms of revenue? 

Satakarni digital hoarding has been installed at New York Times Square by paying a rent of Rs 25 lakh per month. Does this movie really need a tax-exemption?



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