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Satakarni: Budget-Time & Planning-Execution

Satakarni: Budget-Time & Planning-Execution

After Baahubali, the immediate Telugu film entire world is staring at is Balakrishna and Krish's Gautamiputra Satakarni. 

Above the volumes of response for theatrical trailer, Krish has been winning accolades for executing such massive project in mere 8 months without falling short on quality norms.

Splendid visuals and top notch VFX illustrated in the trailer has set an example on final thrilling output to be screened for cominf pongal season. Elucidating the efforts went into GPSK project design, producers have exclusively informed greatandhra on how tough was their grind at implementation level.

"Two basic constraints we had with GPSK are, we announced release date on the first day and our budget was locked at 55 Crs. So, the  game has to be played within these boundaries. But we do not want to miss on great visuals and content depth. Obviously, the amount of efforts with planning and thought are rigorous. 

Earlier, we had no plan to go beyond India and wrap up production in 80 days by building small sets in Hyderabad for war scens. Once we began our execution at ground level with first schedule adopting to time and budget, Morocco idea evolved. 

We aren't able skip the idea because it saved our time thought budget for this schedule costed 4 times high because the war setting was readily available there and total local crew in Morocco are acquainted with war shoots.

For example, managing 500 to 1000 junior artists in India with soldier costumes is hectic and takes atleat half day preparation to begin the first shot. But with Morocco artists and technicians, it was a cake walk because they are experienced and trained for only war field episodes. 

Many prestigious Hollywood films are shot there. We packed this schedule in 18 days at unbelievable quality requiring less VFX add ons.

By the time came back to Hyderabad, set for second schedule was prepared and there were literally no breaks.

Third schedule in Georgia was also same as Morocco because the terrain and local support we got made the work look natural and easy. 

Generally, projects if GPSK scale require 6 months to 1 year on pre production and 6 months to 1 year or more on post production. Fortunately,  our pre production time was 1 month, production less than 80 days post production is also minimized due to extensive efforts made. 

Most importantly, we arent using any of the existing content from any of the past films as reported falsely in certain media sections.

We are bang on target with original visuals, original content and within the budget, time.

After completing a 5 day honeymoon, I am sure Krish hasnt spent meager 5 more days with his wife. Such are his dedication levels. Hs is running pillar to post in Mumbai working for 20 hours a day synchronizing with VFX, RR and Mixing teams operating at three different locations. He is monitoring each of them promising for a picture perfect output withi  the given time period.

GPSK isnt a simple project to execute. There is a hectic planning and matter of thought went into the making. Audience can feel all our efforts on big screen once they enter into cinema halls," producers said.

GPSK is all set for a confirmed release for pongal season to entertain us with the best content and the best presentation.



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