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Sankranthi Season Goes Waste

Sankranthi Season Goes Waste

It is the time of the year when the Telugu states have a long weekend of festivities and the season is celebrated by watching the big films that are released at the time.

Last year, the theatrical share of three films added up to Rs 200 crore. And in the year before that, the industry made Rs 150 crore with four films.

As anticipated, had Agnyaathavaasi made profits, it would have filled in Rs 125 crore market share. Similarly, if Jai Simha fared well, it would have added another Rs 40 crore to the kitty.

Other films included, the share would have easily gone up to Rs 200 crore. But Agnyaathavaasi failed to interest the audiences and so is the case with Jai Simha, which is unlikely to sustain interest for very long.

In fact, there was scope for another big film. But most film-makers backed out due to Agnyaathavaasi and that damaged the equations for the festival season.

And none of the films have been readied for the season, so no films are lined up for coming weeks.

Going a little ahead, there are quite a few films lined up this year which will give audiences a lot of options. This is likely to eat into the profits of big films.

So, in all, the year has begun on a bad note for Tollywood.



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