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Sandeep Vanga's Counter To Star Hero's Ex-Wife

Sandeep Vanga's Counter To Star Hero's Ex-Wife

In response to Kiran Rao's criticism of "Kabir Singh" for allegedly promoting misogyny, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga indirectly addressed her comments without explicitly mentioning her name. 

Revealing that an assistant director shared an article by a "superstar's second ex-wife," Vanga defended his film by drawing a parallel with Aamir Khan's past work. 

Without directly naming Kiran Rao, he suggested that she inquire about Aamir Khan's song "Khambe jaisi khadi hai" from the film "Dil," where Khan's character nearly attempts rape. 

Vanga's retort implies that criticism of "Kabir Singh" should be contextualized within a broader examination of past cinematic content, challenging the selective scrutiny of his film and emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive perspective on Bollywood's portrayal of certain themes.


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