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Samantha Dismisses Pregnancy Rumours

Samantha Dismisses Pregnancy Rumours

Baby Akkineni aka Samantha Akkineni has put all the rumors to the rest. She laughed off media reports that she's pregnant.

She addressed unfounded rumours that she's pregnant on Twitter when someone tweeted about this.

Samantha tweeted, "Damnnn ....... is she ? When you find out please let us know."

Married to actor Naga Chaitanya, Samantha is promoting her upcoming movie “Oh Baby!”. This was the reason why she has changed her Twitter handle from Samantha Akkineni to Baby Akkineni.

Baby here is Samantha’s character in the film, it doesn’t refer to little baby they may welcome in future.

Although Samantha earlier mentioned in an interview that she would love to have loads of kids for her, she is not planning family at this moment as her career is booming.

She and her husband Chaitanya together had given a huge hit this summer with “Majili”.



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