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'Salaar-Part 2 Not Releasing In 2024?

'Salaar-Part 2 Not Releasing In 2024?

The first part os 'Salaar' was reelased in 2023, received acclaim and achieved success. Now, the lingering question remains—when will the second part be released?

Prabhas is currently juggling multiple projects, including Project K, films with Hanu Raghavapudi, Sandeep Vanga, and Maruti.

Among these, Project K and Maruti's films are already halfway completed. Both need to be wrapped up before Prabhas can dive into Salaar 2.

Sandeep Vanga anticipates having his script ready in six months, while Hanu Raghavapudi is equipped with an extensive periodical story.

Adding to the complexity, Prashant Neel, the director of Salaar, has other commitments as well.

According to reliable sources, the footage for Salaar 2 is not substantial at this point. Other than the dinasaur dialogue of Tinu Anand that was shown in first teaser which was reserved to show in Second Part, nothing has been shot till now.

So, a significant portion of the 'Salaar-2' still needs to be shot, making it evident that Prashant Neel may not be eager to take on KGF 3 immediately.

In any case, Salaar 2 is not expected to hit screens in 2024. The possibility of its release in 2025 remains uncertain.


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