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Sai Tej Going with Maruthi's Plan

Sai Tej Going with Maruthi's Plan

Sai Dharam Tej has changed his name for the sake of good luck. Indeed, he got minor blessing.

Sai Dharam Tej has shortened his name to Sai Tej for numerical reasons on the advice of Maruthi.

Now that his “Chitralahari” became average grosser, he is feeling content and has immediately given his nod to director Maruthi.

Before the release of “Chitralahari”, Sai Tej was unsure about Maruthi’s story but he has now convinced.

The film will have class moments as well as massy elements but it will not have unnecessary fights. “Chitralahari” had zero action element, yet it was received well. Sai Tej will be going this plan.

But his aim should now be increasing his market. With films like “Supreme”, he had created more than Rs 25 Cr theatrical market for him. But it came crashing down later and is now hovering around Rs 10 to Rs 12 Cr. 



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